Bhanu P. Jena

Wayne State University, MI

Prof. Dr. Bhanu P. Jena is the George E. Palade University Professor & Distinguished Professor of Physiology at WSU School of Medicine, President & Director, Molecular Medicine Institute, Cambridge, MA [], and former Professor at the Yale University School of Medicine. Among his many contributions is the discovery of the porosome, the cellular nanomachine involved in cell secretion. Among the honors and awards he has received for his scientific contributions, are six honorary doctorates, Fellow AAAS; Foreign Member of the Academy of Science of the European Union; Foreign Member of the Georgian National Academy of Science; the Swebelius Cancer Research Award; Sir. Aaron Klug Award; ASAS Basic Biological Science Award; Ranbaxy Basic Research in Medical Sciences Award; Foreign Member of the Korea Academy of Science & Technology; Foreign Member of the National Academy of Medicine, Romania; and the George E. Palade Medal.